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A professional photography business with top of the line photo gear based off I-70 on Genesee Mountain, servicing the Denver area and surrounding mountain towns. Our studio offers the perfect backdrop for photo shoots, making it easy to capture that perfect moment.

I have been passionately taking photographs since my grandfather gave me my first Brownie camera with B&W film more than 55 years ago, and spent my youth documenting everything I did along with all family events.  As a young adult, I upgraded to a better camera and continued documenting the family at weddings, parties, reunions, portraits, sports, dance, etc.  While in college I was hired as one of the school event photographers. During days of film, I photographed multiple weddings, which turned out great, however, I decided I didn’t need that type of stress so did not pursue the avenue of wedding photography.  


I was the family and extended family photographer for events, sports, dance, headshots and family portraits.  My two children grew up with my camera always on them and are extremely comfortable with it, one pursuing a career in dance, modeling and acting and the other an amazing videographer and photographer himself.  I documented their entire lives and all of their events and have much experience with sports, dance, headshots and family portraits.


I worked in IT for 44 years while continuing photography on the side and now that I am retired from IT, I’ve invested in a great camera, lenses and amazing studio lights and equipment. I am ready to work with you to create your images.  With me, your image matters and you won’t be disappointed as we work together to help you project your best self.

my process

I approach every photo session with the end result in mind. When people see your images, they form an impression of you. You and I want to take control of that impression and be deliberate about what image you want to project.


Who will be seeing your images and what are you trying to accomplish with these photographs? If you have more than one audience type in mind, we may want to create different images for different uses. Also, what thoughts or feelings do you want your audience to have about you? Once I know who you want to reach and what you want to say, we will tailor your session to create exactly what you need, which will include what you will wear, whether we shoot indoor or outdoor, etc.


I begin with a free consultation with each of my clients which initiates when you fill out the “contact me” form, then we'll set up a time for a quick phone call to see if we're a good fit and chat about our options.

Crescent Photography Process
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